Go to the Mirror!

Hi, there and welcome to this website! My name is Jauffrey and I am an Engineering Doctorate student in the University of Surrey. My research project deals with the study of residual stresses in coating applied on glass.

It is hard to notice it as its main property is its transparency, but glass is everywhere around us. We might as well take it for granted as it is used since the dawn of civilisation. For millena, it has been a material of choice for containers, windows and other optical devices. Glass brings light in our daily lives but the recent development of thin-film coating technologies has further diversified its capabilities: LCD screens, LEDs, semi-conductors for solar energy… Nowadays, windows can be self-cleaning, coated with thermal insulating and many other protective materials.

Glass is a truly fascinating material and there is something quite mystical about it. That may be why it has been widely used by religions to symbolise light and why it appeared in so many fairy tales in the form of mirrors. For all these reasons, I would like to invite you to embark on a journey with me. Let’s go together, looking through the glass!

Like Alice, let’s go to the mirror looking through the glass!
(Drawing by John Tenniel, available here)